The GGMM E3 Speaker 


The beautifully designed, powerful and compact Hi-Fi smart speaker that can stream music from the cloud without a device.

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Easily stream music from the cloud or via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or AUX cord with this powerful, Hi-Fi speaker 

Easy Access Smart Cloud Speaker

Easily control and play cloud music with the free GGMM App. The embedded Wi-Fi audio streaming capability lets you access and enjoy plenty of music from Pandora, iHeartRadio, Tuneln, Spotify and more. You can even personalize six presets with your favorite cloud stations, share music with friends and see what others with an E3 Speaker are listening to. When your turn off your device, E3 still plays the music on the playlist.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & AUX Connectivity 
E3 supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AUX connectivity. Wi-Fi’s extensive range allows you to listen to your favorite music without worrying about losing your connection. The Bluetooth and AUX connection lets you connect E3 to your phone or other smart devices easily and conveniently. Multiple smart devices can even connect to E3 at the same time you and your friends can take turns streaming music or choosing songs.
Powerful Hi-Fi Sound

While E3 is tiny, the sound quality is mighty. This speaker puts out Hi-Fi sound with dual 2.5" full frequency speakers and 3" bass strengthen passive radiator that guarantees powerful sound performance. Additional features include a frequency of 70-20KHz, sensitivity of ≥85dB, power input of 12V 2A and a power output of 40W. The independent left and right channel cabinet design ensures a clear, pure sound effect.

Elegant Design

This stylish speaker comes in three fresh colors: pearl white, dark grey and ice blue. With a fresh variety of colors and a smooth design, the E3 speaker looks beautiful in any room. Plus, its compact size will allow it to fit into any space that you choose. Listen to your favorite music and show it off to your friends and family - this speaker makes you love being at home!


Multifunctional Design
Not only is E3 a powerful speaker, but it also comes equipped with an alarm clock and USB charger. Set the time and alarm as you like, so you can wake up to the latest music. Additionally, the USB charger allows you to charge your phone, tablet and other smart devices.
Multi-Room Play

The built-in, multi-room system allows you to control two or more E3’s by connecting them to the same Wi-Fi network with one phone. Build a smart home audio system in your home, and enjoy your favorite music with Left and Right Channel Play. It’s like surround sound at your fingertips.

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